Domain Names

Congratulations - This is the first step in owning a corner of the world wide web! When choosing your domain name, it should be representative of your company name, your product, or service. All domain names are unique and offer exclusive right of the name and it's extension on the internet.

To or That is the question!

South Africa like many other countries has a unique "extension" as part of the domain, such as There are also the international "extensions" such as and

The most important factor behind your decision is your target audience and whether you will be marketing your product or service on a local / national or international level.

It is a common misconception that a will automatically appear higher in the search engine results. Search engines like Google return results based on many combined factors and the domain extension has very little impact on where your website will feature.

Therefore it is important not to overlook your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing as these have more influence on your company websites popularity in search engine results. You can read more about this as part of our Step 4 | Promote your Website.

Please contact us for availability for domain names. Our prices start from R99.00 per domain per year.